Proofreading is a basic review of your typeset manuscript. This should be the final step for a manuscript that has been written, critiqued, rewritten, and formatted as a check for basic glitches that might seem invisible to the author.

A proofread will check for:

  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • typos
  • word repetition
  • consistency of style
  • formatting issues
  • basic grammar (although a thorough grammar check is beyond the scope of a basic proofread)
  • assessment of the manuscript’s readiness for publication

Rate: $0.006 per word (50,000 words=$300; 80,000 words=$480)


A copyedit includes all the elements of a proofread plus editing for sentence structure and word flow. There is also a more thorough grammar check.

Rate: $0.009 per word (50,000 words=$450; 80,000=$720)

Line Editing:

This service encompasses all the elements of the copyedit, with the addition of an intensive, line-by-line edit to check for:

  • showing vs. telling
  • point of view
  • plot structure
  • dialogue
  • character development
  • fact check/research for accuracy

Rate: $0.012 per word (50,000 words=$600; 80,000=$960)

All editing will be done in MS Word using Track Changes.

If I recommend that your project needs a deeper edit, we can discuss rates at that time. It will of course be totally up to you as the author to decide on the next step. My goal is to help you determine when your fiction is truly ready for publication.

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